Zürserhof Private WineEdition Tattenbach

An ambience that creates well-being. The third generation of the Skardarasy family now runs the Zürserhof, continuing the long tradition of warmth and hospitality. This individuality culminates in the artful and first-class private edition wine, Tattenbach. Crafted in collaboration with winemaker Clemens Strobl in the “Wagram” region, the wine is a product of Austrian partnership between the high-altitude Arlberg and the beautiful Danube region.

Wine by Clemens Strobl

Countess Tattenbach

An unparalleled marriage between the elegant Burgundian Chardonnay paired with one third of the best grapes of the indigenous grape variety Roter Veltliner. Reserved for the special private wine edition, Tattenbach. Hand-picked, spontaneously fermented, dry. Aged for one year with the finest yeast by Clemens Strobl in the Wagram region. True to the motto, “complexity meets elegance”.

Count Tattenbach

An extraordinary Burgundy-Bordeaux blend with depth, soul and character. Austria‘s most popular grape variety Zweigelt meets the elegant Burgundy standards Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, as well as the Bordeaux classics Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Hand-picked, spontaneously fermented, dry. A delicate character and texture. Aged in various types of wood. Sophistication and lightness instead of opulence – an exclusive rarity with great potential for aging.

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Our unsurpassed private edition wine exceeds the uncompromising expectations of our guests. An homage to Count and Countess Tattenbach, pioneers of hospitality in the historic Zürserhof.

 The Skadarasy family at the winery with Clemens Strobl